Diagnostics at Your Fingertips

BioSens Inc. brings high through-put chemistry and point-of-care testing.

We created an ultra-sensitive diagnostic for laboratories and remote settings where patients and healthcare providers depend on accurate and rapid results.

We strive to develop tools that deliver truly useful diagnostics strategies and rule-in or rule-out COVID-19 infection from more than fifteen viral infections. We prioritize feasibility, visual detection, near-patient deployment, shelf stability, rapid turnaround time, and high sensitivity and specificity.

About Us

BioSens Inc. brings novel mobile-phone enabled health (m-Health) solutions to diagnose diseases and improvement of health.

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, we strive to provide accurate, reliable, simple, and ultra-sensitive diagnostics tools for broad access to pandemic fighting technology settings worldwide.

Our goals Our priority is to address significant unmet needs in infectious diseases and provide affordable diagnostic solutions that deliver rapid and contributes to positive clinical and patient outcomes positively.

We are committed to developing tools for developed countries and prioritizing the need for ultra-sensitive diagnostic options that are simple to use for developing countries. This translates to developing tests that are robust, field deployable, and economically feasible.


Cheryl Zhang, CEO
Sultan Khetani, Technical Advisor
Aamir Rashyani, Product development
Anupriya Singh, Product engineer
Valerio Cicchella, Sales & Marketing

Quick-Covid-Confirmation Test (Q-Cov®)

Sample collection

Sample transfer

Covid-19 Detection



Color change

Lateral flow test

Mobile-phone-Covid- Test (M-Cov®)


Multiplexed Telemedicine Platform for Sars-Cov-2 detection
Mobile Health Viral Diagnostics Enabled with Adaptive Adversarial Learning
Smartphone-based deep neural network for Virus detection
Rapid COVID-19 Detection Using a Biosensor
Rapid amplification and portable detection system for SARS-CoV-2

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